CD album released 2015

We are very excited to announce that the NEW Tale of Ale Revisited CD was launched at Derby Folk Festival in October 2015.

Derby Folk Festival Header

The Tale of Ale collaboration performed the entire show on Saturday 3rd October in Derby’s Guildhall at 1.30pm.  It was a very special event for all performers, to be able to perform this great body of work in such a wonderful Derby venue!


The CDs are now also available online at and

“The Tale of Ale – Revisited”
Compiled and arranged by ‘Musica Inebriata’, Roger Warren and John Titford
1.  Goddesses
2.  “A Welcome to the Tale of Ale”
3.   Bring us in Good Ale/Jolly Good Ale and Old
4.  “God-is-Good’
5.   Nottingham Ale/The Malt’s Come Down
6.   Andrew Boorde on Ale and Beer
7.   John Barleycorn
8.   “He that buys land…”
9.   Oh, Good Ale!
10.  The Porter Scene, Macbeth
11.  I Likes a Drop of Good Beer
12.  Stubbes: “The Anatomy of Abuses”
13.  We be Soldiers Three
14.  Stubbes on Drunkenness
15.  Don’t go out tonight, Dear Father!
16.  Bickerdyke on Temperance
17.  Doing The Manch/All through the Ale
18.  Brewing in London – I:
19.  Charley Mopps
20.  Brewing in London – II:
21.  There’s comfort in a drop of Gin
22.  Brewing in London- III:
23.  Sellinger’s Round
24.  Some Toasts – I:
25.  The Harvest Supper Song
26.  Some Toasts –II:
27.  Stones Morris
28.  The Public House, I:
29.  John Appleby
30.  The Public House:–II:
31.  The Man that Waters the Worker’s Beer
32.  The Public House III:
33.  (They’re knockin’ ‘em down) The Old Pubs
34.  “The fight goes on”
35.  From the Old Half Moon to the Rising     Sun/Barman’s Waistcoat
Total Time – 79minutes
Recordings: by Meadow Farm Studio (, managed by Stewart Field, engineered by Jonathon Cundey, final editing by Roger Warren and Jonathon Cundey.


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