About The Tale of Ale

This live performance has been adapted and updated from the 1977 double album from Free Reed Records FRRD 023/034, with later CD versions.  It originally featured such notables as Peter Bellamy, Robin Dransfield, Roy Harris, Willie Rushton, Pam Gilder and the inspiration behind it all, Vic Gammon. We tread humbly and lightly in their footsteps.

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This live show was originally conceived and rehearsed as a one-off, to be performed at Stainsby Festival, Chesterfield, Derbyshire in July 2014 in celebration of a number of years of the festival’s volunteer-run famed Real Ale bar ‘The Hat Block’. This was so well received that we were encouraged to bring the show to a wider audience and so with some further work, and an exciting offer by Neil Wayne of Free Reed, who produced the original Double LP 37 years ago, a totally NEW revisited recording has been made, and we are open for business!

Even now, we are in negotiations with some of the major Folk Festivals in the UK for 2016, and are developing a USA East Coast tour.

The Tale of Ale has thus evolved into a live performance by a superb group of musicians, together with the two fine readers, creating a professional reproduction of the original material.

So, who are these paragons of virtue?  The music is performed by a combination of Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham, by Cupola (Sarah Matthews, Doug Eunson & Oli Matthews) and by Peter Bullock, who in honour of the original 1977 performers, wish to be known collectively as MUSICA INEBRIATA. All of these people enjoy formidable reputations in the national and international folk scenes.
The readings are performed by lifelong folkies and erstwhile performers Roger Warren & John Titford.


The Musicians:        Musica Inebriata:
Keith Kendrick          Vocals, Concertinas, Percussion.
Sylvia Needham        Vocals, Wheatstone Concertina.
Sarah Matthews        Vocals, Violin, Viola, Percussion.
Doug Eunson            Vocals, Melodeon, Hurdy Gurdy.
Oli Matthews            Vocals, Clarinet, Soprano Sax.
Peter Bullock            Piano, Baritone Sax, Clarinet.

Readings:             Roger Warren, John Titford

If you like what you read and want to know more about concerts, festivals and bookings, then contact Keith Kendrick:

keith@keithkendrick.com    +44 7885345367

Sponsorship:  Made towards recording costs by The Old Oak Inn, the Tale of Ale’s HQ!

Special thanks:  to Stainsby Festival (www.stainsbyfestival.org.uk) which commissioned the very first performance in 2014, and especially to Hugh Ellis, who introduced us to the works of Edward Carpenter

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